Gratitude is your ticket to happily-ever-after and this book (The Power and Magic of Gratitude) can be the partner that makes this fairy tale a reality.
Mike Dooley (NY Times bestselling author)
I am happy to say that this book (The Power and Magic of Gratitude) can transform your life forever. And I am thankful to Ivan for doing it.
Dr Joe Vitale (bestselling author and star of the movie The Secret)
Instead of judging try to understand: for example the Law of Attraction, that comes to the Festival of the Stories and…attracts. It attracts with the reading and meeting with Ivan Nossa that, at the Aldo’s cafè, a quiet country bar, keeps everybody magically attracted to understand how to fulfill a dream.
Luciana Rota - - Il festival delle storie
He debuts with the author of The secret and in America it is already a bestseller
“if I vibrate, you also vibrate, if I change, you change because we are the same thing. Our pain comes from separation but in reality we are all united, we are Universe”
Miriam D’Ambrosio, interview with Ivan – Giornale di Treviglio
Together with Joe Vitale the author helps us to discover how the Law of Attraction can lead us to a future of prosperity and abundance just like King Midas, we could turn everything we touch into gold.
Energie Magazine -
So good job Ivan, I hope this book will reach many people because it is a precious gem that enriches my spiritual library.
Your doing of expanding love and awaken human consciousness in the world is definitely your life’s purpose!!!
Daniele Murroni, singer and social media raw vegan trend setter


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