The Power and Magic of Gratitude

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I am happy to say that this book can transform your life forever.
And I am thankful to Ivan for doing it.

Dr. Joe Vitale (bestselling author and star of the movie The Secret)

Gratitude is your ticket to happily-ever-after and this book can be the partner that makes this fairy tale a reality.

Mike Dooley (NY Times bestselling author)

This book is a bestseller in Italy and has brought joy and serenity to thousands of people.

Would you like to leave with me for a fantastic journey?
A journey with a few obstacles but many gifts?
Thank to this book I will lead you to discover a miraculous higher vibration: the vibration of Gratitude.

Together we will:
Learn to live in gratitude,
Open our eyes and discover the gifts that life gives you everyday,
Leave on a journey to discover the wonders that lie in the deep of your heart,
Experience a unique emotion that will bring joy and peace to your soul,
and much more…

I can promise you that this book will leave a big smile on your face that will last for long.

Ivan Nossa

Amazon USA